Unitary dual functors for unitary multitensor categories

David Penneys


We classify which dual functors on a unitary multitensor category are compatible with the dagger structure in terms of groupoid homomorphisms from the universal grading groupoid to R>0 where the latter is considered as a groupoid with one object. We then prove that all unitary dual functors induce unitarily equivalent bi-involutive structures. As an application, we provide the unitary version of the folklore correspondence between shaded planar C*-algebras with finite dimensional box spaces and unitary multitensor categories with a chosen unitary dual functor and chosen generator. We make connection with the recent work of Giorgetti-Longo to determine when the loop parameters in these planar algebras are scalars. Finally, we show that we can correct for many non-spherical choices of dual functor by adding the data of a spherical state on EndC(1C), similar to the spherical state for a graph planar algebra.


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