Hochschild cohomology of filtered dg algebras

Estanislao Herscovich


In this article we extend the main result of this article to the case where the algebra is not necessarily nonnegatively graded connected. More precisely, we show that, for a nonnegatively filtered connected dg algebra A, it is possible to compute the cup product of the chschild cohomology of A at the level of the complex HomAe(P,A), where P is a semifree resolution of the dg A-bimodule A by making use of the coaugmented curved A-coalgebra structure of a suitable Koszul codual of A, i.e. a coaugmented curved A-coalgebra C that is filtered quasi-equivalent to the curved bar construction of A. We do not need to construct any comparison map between P and the Hochschild resolution of A, or any lift Δ : P → P ⊗A P of the identity of A.


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